Author: Anthony Carter

Whey Gel – The Best Whey To Get Results! 0

Whey Gel – The Best Whey To Get Results!

There’s a common ground experienced by all gym goers, athletes and sports people at one point in their lives: that sheer frustration after weeks of training when you continually feel like you’re not getting...


What do dehydrated ‘spuds have to do with charity?

A recent U.S Potato Board (yep, there is such a thing) in Idaho Falls, promoted the use of dehydrated potatoes as an ideal fit for international food assistance programs. Since then, the non-profit organisation Counterpart...


Weighing up the benefits of Whey Protein

Hold on, what exactly is Whey Protein? Lets start from the beginning. Last week, we quite enjoyed the Fred anecdote of HNV fishing¬†so we’re going to tell you all you need to know about...